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Automatic Water Level Control

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Have you ever forgotten to lock the tap and let the water spill over the house? 
Let’s see the revolutionary automatic water control system that is trusted by many households around the world. 

Introducing the Automatic water level control. Equipped with stainless parts and a PA66 engineering-grade thermoplastic construction, we guarantee that it will never rust and provide long service for many years.

It is the solution to help you minimize your water bill and eliminate overflow on your water storage, tanks, containers, and many more. Easy to install and only require minimal maintenance, you can rest assured that your water storage is always full all the time without checking. 
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The AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROL VALVE is a patented product, which is lnstead of classic float valve.It automatically supply and stop water according to the water level change.

Product Principle: When water level rise to water limit line, water level control valve will stop supplying water at once; when water level of water tank fall down, the valve will start to supply water automatically.

Product parameters
Product Name: Float Valve
Product Model:JYN15/20/25
Thread size: 1/2" 3/4" 1"
Pressure range: 0.1kg-12kg
Applicable medium: Water
Applicable temperature: ≤120°C